NEW271: Wild Waters

Exploring River Cultures

Join this exploration of the history and culture of rivers – the “wild waters” which have played a pivotal role in so many of the world’s cultures. This experimental course invites students to learn not only through reading, writing, and discussion, but also through other kinds of experiences. These include a weekend of whitewater canoeing in Eastern Ontario September 22-23, and a second (and exciting) experiential module to take place during November reading week.

We are guided not only by theoretical and methodological questions, but also by a commitment to experiential and land-based pedagogy. What does it mean to learn by doing, and to learn from the land? How do we navigate the complexities of settler-indigenous relations in a country founded on acts of theft? How can our learning become part of a meaningful reconciliation process?

Wild Waters is part of the water-centered pedagogical initiatives founded at New College by Prof. Bonnie McElhinny, which has also included “Something in the Water” and “Living at the Water’s Edge”. It is also part of the University of Toronto Outdoors Initiative.

Watch this space for more information in the second half of July, or Sign up now for NEW271 Section 0201 on ROSI!